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Friday, 28 June 2013

P is for PINK...

Why hello there... I bring you a nice short and sweet post!
 So today me and my muma both had the day off, so we decided to have a mother and daughter day... N'AWWW AIN'T THAT SWEET!
BTW so so sorry for the absence lately... but you know how it is!
So this is what I wore :)
Shirt - Charity/ Thrift shop
Leather gilet/ waistcoat - Forever 21 (Mens)
Jeans - American Apparel
Necklace - Topshop
 Bag - Louis Vuitton - Speedy 35
Trainers - Nike Air Max 1's - FUSCHIA
Glittery socks - Urban Outfitters
OOHH and Ive also dyed my hair recently! PINK! You will notice that in the future that I will change my hair colour quite frequently! Its very BRIGHT, but I like it :)
Lipstick - MAC Rebel
 Thank you for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post!
Have a lovely fashionable day :)

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello people!! How are you? today I bring you a OOTN post!!

So me and my friends went for a cheeky night out, I hadn't been out in AGES so it was nice to see everyone outside of work... and so this is what I wore!

I went quite casual with the jeans as the weather was RUBBISH and I'm not a really dressy uppy gal anyway!

Shirt (worn as jacket) - Charity/ Thrift shop
Crop top - Topshop
Gold chain - GO GO Philip
Moon shape necklace - Topshop

Shoes/ Heels - Zara

Jeans (MOTO Black Joni Jeans) - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters

Thank you for reading and hope that you have enjoyed this post!
I wish you a lovely and wonderful fashionable day :)

Friday, 21 June 2013


Hello my lovelies, today I bring you a HAUL... YEY!

As you may know from my last post I went shopping (NAUGHTY)!

This is not in anyway me bragging, it was my birthday not long ago and I had not yet spent my birthday money, so I thought I would just go for it :)

First item
White and yello polka dot mesh crop top
Topshop - £36
Now as soon as I saw this I just had to have it! It was also o the 'Last Chance' rail in my size... BONUS!

Gold and silver moon face necklace
Topshop - £12.50
For ages now I have been looking for a moon face necklace... and that day finaly came!

Lipstick in the colour - STRAIGHT FACE
Topshop - £5
I have had my eye on this lipstick for ages, LOOK AT THE COLOUR! I would say it is like electric purple, And when I saw that it was reduced I could not leave it behind!

Vintage Champion blue vest
Urban Outfitters - £18
I bought this because I love a baggy top and is perfect to just throw on in the summer!

White and black polka dot cropped t shirt
Topshop - was £14 down to £8
Now this is ANOTHER crop top, I know I am a bit obsessed! I dont think I need anymore!
I have had my eye on this for LONG, LONG time now and when I saw that it was in the sale! I thought why not?!

Last item... I PROMISE!
ASOS MUSIC Metallic Flat Shoes
ASOS.COM - £65
Now I know this isn't a high street shop, but I thought that I would add this item in anyway... If you have read my post 'I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU', you would have seen that I had these shoes on my wishlist!
I was looking for to see if they had the ASOS Structured Sheer Cropped Jumper (which is also that was something on my wishlist), but they still dont sell it yet so I went withthese as they only had one pair left! So I went for it as I would of regretted it!

Sorry for the millions of oictures, Thank you for reading, I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I wish that you all have a lovely fashionable day :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hey guys, So yesterday was my day off, so I thought that I would go out shopping!

Me and my friends went to Exeter Princess Hay shopping centre as it was payday friday... so we thought WHY NOT?
(if you want a little haul, let me know!).

And this was my outfit (sorry for the moody face).

Cropped Jumper - Skull Duggery
(This is a online shop from fashion blogger Katie - THIS.IS.WHAT.I.DO)
really cool stuff and great for the money.. Go and check it out!

Pink Chain/ Necklace - Forever 21
Gold Chain - GO GO Philip

Bag - Louis Vuitton - Speedy 35

Trainers - Nike Air Max 1's in FUSCHIA
Pink glittery socks - Topshop

(I told you about the trainers haha)

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed this post!
Have a lovely and wonderful fashionable day!

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hello there lovely people, this is my first ever OOTD post... me and friends that I work with all went out for a lovely meal yesterday! We went to a place called Tiger Bills, which is a Thai and American resturant!

It was SOO busy... But then it was fathers day! The resturant isn't a very fancy dressey uppy place so I decided to go quite casual! And by the way I cannot stop wearimg my new Nike Air Max 1's.. so you will be seeing them a LOT.. (just a heads up).

Vintage Shirt (worn as a jacket) - Urban Outfitters
Crop Top - Topshop
Chain/ Necklace - GO GO Philip

Backpack - ASOS
Jeans (MOTO Black Joni Jeans) - Topshop

Socks - Topshop
Trainers/ Shoes - Nike Air Max 1's in FUSCHIA

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed this post!
have a lovely and wonderful fashionable day!

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Money tight, but feel Iike you need to update your wardrobe? why not use one of your old t shirts and D.I.Y. crop it?

 So today's post is going to be a step by step on now to do just that.. Like I said in my last post 'I HAVE MY EYE IN YOU...' That I am loving crop tops at the moment! Anything cropped, I have to have it!

So for the first time EVER I went to a car boot sale with my friends, as I have been told that it can be quite good for buying some cool vintage clothes and that its like charity/ thrift shoppiing! Now I didn't really find anything, until the very last stall we went to, I found this Adidas black, with a white logo t shirt just £3! YES THREE ENGLISH POUNDS! Mind you I don't know if it is real or fake BUT WHO CARES?! It was a size XL, so way to big to wear as a regular top so I thought I would just crop it :) (First time doing this guys... Practice makes perfect).

Now I was naughty and did forget to take a photo of the before product! My apologies!... You will need some scissors, a ruler, chalk or pencil and your hands!

Before you get your hands dirty, try on the top to make sure you know where you want the top to be cropped and mark where you want it to be chopped... Then place the top on a straight surface (I chose the floor) and carry on (if need to) marking your top for a more straight cut! THEN START CUTTING :) 

If it the cut isn't straight... Then don't worry I didn't want mine to be perfect, just adds more character and a unique look! Also with the other part of the top, you can keep it for something else fashion D.I.YEE! You never know, It may come in handy one day!

and there you have it, you now have a nice new crop top :) here is my finished result...

So with mine, as you can see I styled the top with some High waisted jeans - American Apparel and a silver chunky chain - Topshop... Now obviously you can style it how you would like to of course! Happy cropping :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and wish you all a lovely fashionable day! 

Friday, 14 June 2013


This post is just some (YES SOME) of the items of the clothing that I have had my eye on for a little while now, SO please if you would like to...

Donate to the 'KATIE NEEDS SOME NICE NEW CLOTHES FUND' then please call 07865344652 (NAHH I'm only kidding... But if you want to then go straight ahead! Your donation will be appreciated) 

Recently I have been loving ASOS.COM A LOT lately... I am subscribed to there monthly magazine and it is seriously dangerous! DON'T DO IT! 

This ASOS Structured Sheer Cropped Jumper - £35 is right up my street... I am loving the sheer trend that is going on at the moment and it is also it is cropped, another trend that I'm into :) (if I was a jumper... This would be me) I think that it would look fab with some high waisted jeans/ pants, with some retro trainers and your good to go! 

Also this ASOS Sweatshirt in Foil is also something I have had my eye on... And it is also on sale for £21, WHICH IS GREAT! So I may just have to go for it :/ naughty! I like how they have styled this with a maxi/ midi skirt or also something else that I have had my eye on :)

Now these ASOS MUSIC Metallic Flat Shoes - £65 (I know I love silver) but don't worry, I would never wear them together. Aren't they just amazing though? I would style these with some jeans and a patterned shirt or top to make it even more fun!

Last item is this ASOS Boyfriend Shirt With Indecisive Collar - £32 is the item that I would style with the ASIS Sweatshirt in Foil... I definitely think that it would look rather cool underneath it with some light denim boyfriend jeans and some high heeled sandals!

So if you would like to purchase any of these items.. Just go to ASOS.COM and write in the product title.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post... And I know that my taste may not be everyone else's, but of course you can style it to your own taste :) thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely fashionable day!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


So you may have guessed by the title that I have indeed have bought some new trainers.. They are the  NIKE AIR MAX 1 - SPIRIT FUSCHIA.

This is my 3rd pair of NIKE AIR MAX 1'S (I know... OBSESSED) but as OFFICE was promoting a 20% EVERYTHING code on there website, I thought I would just go for it! Now you maybe thinking from the picture they look very small.. That is because I have size 3 feet! Which can be difficult with buying branded shoes! But they had them which was amazing!

Comfort? I can honestly say they are the most comfiest trainers I own ( and trust me I'm very picky when it comes to shoes and comfort). And with the pink detailing I think that they give a much more feminine touch! If you have never been to a OFFICE shoe shop or checked out there website.. Where have you been? They sell many many brands such as NIKE, Vans, Adidas and loads more! They also sell there own brand shoes which are really nice too! 
Unfortunately the promotion has now ended, but by subscribing/ registering with there website you can get emails with all sorts of deals like I did! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to like it that would make me :) Thank you for looking, have a lovely day!



Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hello and welcome to Fashion Little Katie.... Now where to start? 

My name is Katie, I live in Torquay (Devon) and I am 22 years of age!

 So why a blog? I have no idea with what I'm doing with my life, so I decide to write a blog! Normal right? For a long time I have wanted to do this and here I am :) by doing this I'm hoping that I can start a career (woah scary) in fashion... Do not ask me what I want to do in fashion, but its my passion. So I guess you could say I 'have a passion for fashion' (UHH I hate that expression, but I suppose it was just necessary).

So what to expect from this blog?... Well I would like to show my fashion favourites and I suppose some outfit post and what ever I can think of really!

If you have got to here then well done,  you have not fallen asleep! So I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to what the future brings! 

Ohhhh and I am also a HUGE Beyonce fan... Just something else you may like to know :)

And here's my face.